I cannot send or receive multimedia messages on my Lumia (Windows Phone 7)

1. Restart your phone with SIM card inserted, and retry sending a multimedia message (your phone loads the settings from the SIM card).

2. Switch Wi-Fi networking temporarily Off (Settings > WiFi).

3. Check your mobile data connection. Start Internet Explorer in your phone and type any webpage address on the address line.

4. If you can connect to the internet, but you cannot send the multimedia messages, try searching online to find the MMS APN settings for your mobile operator. To add your settings manually, do the following:

  1. Download and install Network Setup application from Store (Marketplace).
  2. Start the app, and tap +.
  3. Add the settings manually, select Make this my current APN and tap Save.

Note! If you have Multi-SIM (two SIM cards with the same mobile phone number), note that MMS can only be received on your assigned “primary” SIM card.

Tip! Send a multimedia message to the own mobile phone number. This will test sending and receiving capabilities in one go.