How do I define Mosaic tiles for Athletes using the World of Red Bull app on my Lumia?

Note: Mosaic is available only with secondary tiles. The primary tile cannot be a part of the mosaic.

  1. Open the World of Red Bull application.
  2. Pin to start 4 secondary tiles of the application (i.e. 2 athletes, 1 event (with news) and 1 sports category). Note: Red Bull can't have more than 4 secondary tiles + main tile.
  3. Once done, go to Athletes in the application and select one of Athlete.
  4. In the menu, tap on Set as mosaic (confirmation message pops up).
  5. Exit the application.
  6. The mosaic is displayed on the home screen (you might need to drag tiles around to adjust the mosaic).
  7. To remove the mosaic, go back to the Athlete and choose Remove from mosaic in menu options.