How do I play the Play Climate Mission on my Lumia phone?

There are four types of challenges: Ants, Trees, Traffic and Icebergs. See the following help topics for game instructions. When you complete a challenge for the first time, you earn silver medal on the globe map and lower the thermometer reading. Replaying the challenge awards coins. If you beat the gold limit, you earn gold medal and extra coins.

Coins are used to investigate a mystery. Sometimes you may uncover an eco-action. The eco-actions can be adopted to reduce global warming.

Sweep with two fingers to move the camera. In Globe view and Trees you can pinch to zoom in and out.


Collect needles and bring them back to the nest. Watch out for the time bar at the top of the screen! The game is over if the time runs out. The ants follow the scent trails you draw. Avoid pools of water. These ants can't swim. Collect fruits to get 5 extra ants.Icebergs Flick white ice sheets with your finger. When two white sheets collide, they merge into one bigger ice sheet. Try to build an ice sheet large enough to complete the challenge. Smash into dark icebergs with bigger white icebergs to break them. Occasionally they burst into white ice that you can use to build your own ice sheet.Trees Shoot fruits to plant new trees. Try to reach the target area! Fruits are lost in water, sand or in other trees' shadow. The game ends if you run out of fruits.Traffic Pick up passengers from the bus stops and deliver them to the central station. If the passengers have to wait for too long, they will take a car instead. Each lost passenger increases total CO2 output and reduces your score. The number at top right indicates how many passengers remain in the level. The CO2 bar shows how many you have lost. Passengers arrive in waves and start leaving as the timer decreases. The circle at bottom left shows how full your bus is. An icon inside the circle indicates a special power. After the power is used, it can be refreshed by delivering a full busload of passengers to the station.