What content is included when I create a backup or sync Lumia (Windows Phone 7)?

Purchased Music

When you purchase music on the phone, you should protect your purchase by performing a backup. When you purchase a song on Store, you are entitled to download the content one time. If the download is not completed successfully, the limit to a single download is not used, and you can start the download again without cost. However, as soon as you successfully download the song, you cannot download it again. Therefore, you should install the Zune software on a computer and sync your purchased content to the music collection on the computer. Purchased music is DRM-free and can be copied or burned to a CD. Nokia is not responsible for any loss of downloaded content.

Purchased Apps

Phone apps and games sync directly with your phone and are not part of your media collection in the Zune software on your computer. If you delete an app or game from your phone, you can reinstall it without purchasing it again, as long as the developer continues to include it in Store. When you tap Buy, you'll see information in the Purchase Confirmation screen that you've already purchased this app or game and you'll have the option to install it again.

Content that is automatically synced with the primary Microsoft Account

If you have signed into Microsoft Account with the phone, content that is automatically synced to the cloud with the primary Microsoft Account includes the following:

  • Contacts for the primary Microsoft Account.
  • Email messages from the primary Microsoft Account.
  • Calendar events and appointments from the primary Microsoft Account.
  • 720x540 pixel copies of pictures taken on the phone. Note: Photos are automatically uploaded to SkyDrive only if the feature has been enabled.
  • Application download rights are saved with the Store profile of the primary Microsoft Account that is used on the phone. If the same Microsoft Account is used after reset, application can be reinstalled.
  • Xbox LIVE avatar, gamerscore and achievements are stored with the gamertag of the primary Microsoft Account.
  • Xbox Music Pass subscription rights, if the primary Microsoft Account has an existing Xbox Music Pass subscription.
  • OneNote files will be automatically synced to SkyDrive if the feature has been enabled.

Content that is automatically synced from additional email accounts:

  • Contacts, calendar, and email messages for additional email accounts other than the primary Microsoft Account are synced from the cloud.
  • You can perform a manual sync with each email account on the phone from Start, flick left to Applications, tap Settings, and then tap Email + Accounts. Then tap and hold each email account and then tap sync.

Content that requires a sync with a computer running Zune software

  • Videos and full resolution versions of pictures taken on the phone.
  • If you want to make sure that you have backups of videos and full resolution backups of photos you should sync phone with a computer that is running Zune software.
  • Music purchases can be downloaded only one time. You should back up any music that is purchased on the phone to a computer that is running Zune software. Note: Music obtained by using a Xbox Music Pass can be downloaded again from the Store as long as it is still available.
  • Podcasts. If there are many audio or video podcasts or if podcast is no longer available it may be advantageous to back up these. Otherwise, the podcasts can be downloaded again from the Store as long as those are still available.

Content that cannot be synced

  • Text messages.
  • Call history.
  • Contact groups.
  • Manually linked contacts and manually assigned contact photos.
  • Account configuration (e.g. what email or social networks are on the phone).
  • Phone settings (e.g. Start screen layout, or theme applied).

What gets restored automatically from a backup

When you update your phone using the Zune PC software on your primary computer, we automatically back up your phone software and settings for safekeeping. If your phone has problems after an update, you can restore it to its pre-update version and state.

All of these items are restored automatically (assuming they were included in your last software backup):

  • Email and social network account settings. After restoration, your phone will sync the email messages, contacts, and calendar appointments associated with your accounts.
  • Other system settings, including your preferences for theme, lock screen, wallpaper, and data connections.
  • Any apps you purchased will still be available to you. However, in some cases, you might need to download some of them again (you will not be charged). You can find a list of the apps you have purchased in the My Phone section of windowsphone.com. For more information, see Delete or reinstall apps.
  • Pictures.
  • Music.
  • Videos.
  • Documents.

If you have previously uploaded files to SkyDrive, those items will continue to be available to you.

What does not get restored from a backup

  • When you restore your phone, you might lose any items that are new or have changed since your phone was last backed up (that is, when you last installed a phone update). This means you might lose text messages, ringtones, music you've downloaded, and settings you've changed since your last backup.
  • If you are using Outlook without Exchange, your recently-added contacts might not be restored.
  • For apps you have installed—whether you bought them from your phone or from your PC—the data and settings you added or changed will not be restored. Trial versions of apps cannot be restored, but you can reinstall them from Store on your phone.