What can I do to free up the phone memory on my Lumia (Windows Phone 7)?

  1. Delete browsing history, temporary files, cookies and saved passwords in Internet Explorer (Settings > applications > Internet Explorer > delete history).
  2. Delete previous map searches and temporary files from your phone (Settings > applications > maps > delete history).
  3. Delete Bing search history, including Bing Vision and Bing Music searches (Settings > applications > search > delete history).
  4. Delete downloaded map data you do not use: Start Nokia Drive and select More > Settings > Manage maps. Long press an individual map to get an option to remove it, or delete all maps.
  5. Remove old Office documents from your phone: Press Start, swipe left, and select Office > locations > phone. Long press any document and then select Delete.
  6. Remove offline mixes from Nokia Music: Start Nokia Music and select offline. Long press any mix and then select Delete.
  7. If you have a PC, connect your phone to a computer with a compatible USB cable. On your computer, use Windows Explorer and browse to your phone to see a list of the folders: Documents, Music, Pictures, Ringtones, and Videos. Right-click the file you want to move, select Cut, right-click a location on your PC, and then select Paste.