Reduce your commuting stress – Nokia Drive learns your daily routes and gives you real-time info on traffic conditions and incidents.

This feature is available for selected regions around the world. More regions are constantly being added.

The availability of traffic info may vary according to the region and country.

  1. Tap Drive iconNokia Drive.
  2. When you open Nokia Drive for the first time, you may be asked to set up the my commute feature. To set up the feature later, tap options icon > Settings > My Commute > Perform the Quickstart setup.
  3. Search for your home and work address, and type in the time you usually go to work and head back home.

You can see info on the traffic conditions and estimated travel time for your next commute on the Nokia Drive live tile on the start screen. You also get real-time info on traffic conditions and incidents while driving.

Start your commute

  1. Tap Drive iconNokia Drive. Your phone suggests a destination based on the current time. To set off to the suggested place, tap COMMUTE.

    The more you use my commute, the more it learns – if you drive to a destination more than once, the destination is saved as a favorite.

    To use a favorite as your destination, for example, go to the gym instead of home, tap Drive iconNokia Drive and edit icon.