Add a screen keyboard, if available for your language:

  1. Make sure that you have date+time set correctly in your phone settings to complete next steps.
  2. Go to Settings > keyboard. You will see a list of all keyboard input languages that are installed on your phone.
  3. To install a new keyboard language, tap add keyboards.
  4. Choose the keyboard input language you want to install, to do that tap the checkbox near the language name. When you are done, tap add.
  5. This takes you back to the keyboard screen, you will see a message underneath the language, stating that preparing download... .
  6. If you choose to stay on this screen, you will see that, after a while, the status changes to Downloading... .
  7. However, you do not have to wait on this screen to download the language pack. It will take a while to download all the neccessary files, depending on the speed of your internet connection. When the download is over, you are notified that Your update is ready to be installed.
  8. Two options appear: you can either postpone this installation or choose to install the new language immediately. If you choose to install right away, the phone will automatically restart.
  9. After the restart, the phone starts updating itself. This process should not take longer, but it depends on how much data was downloaded and needs to be installed.
  10. Once ready, you will see a new screen stating that the update is completed. Tap done and the start screen is shown.
  11. The next time you use your keyboard, you will see a button on the bottom row of keys that indicates which language you are currently using on your keyboard. Tap the button to switch between all the languages you have selected. For example, if you usually use a US English keyboard, tap the ENG button, and the keyboard switches to the next language. You can also tap and hold the button to reveal all the languages you have added and then switch to the one you want.

To remove keyboard:

  1. Go to Settings > keyboard. You will see a list of all keyboard input languages that are installed on your phone.
  2. Press and hold the input language you no longer need and select remove.