Share your plans with your family and friends

Nokia Lumia with WP8: Family room

Want to gather with people, but find it difficult to set a date and time convenient for everybody? You can invite others to chat, and privately share a calendar, photos, or notes.

Although this feature works best on Windows Phone 8, phones running on Windows Phone 7 can join rooms and set up shared calendars. To use this feature, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account.

  1. To create a room for sharing, tap People, and swipe to together.
  2. Tap plus icon > Room.
  3. Write a name for the room, and tap save icon.
  4. To switch between a group chat, calendar, note, or photo album, swipe left or right.
  5. To invite someone to join the room, tap room members icon > plus icon and a contact.

    If you haven't used rooms yet, your phone has a Family Room ready for you. In the People hub, swipe to together, and tap Family Room. To invite someone to the room for the first time, tap invite someone.