Save your photos and other stuff to SkyDrive

Nokia Lumia: SkyDrive - storage for your files

You can upload files saved on your phone to SkyDrive for easy access from your phone, tablet, or computer.

You need a Microsoft account to connect to SkyDrive.

  1. Tap Photos, and browse to a photo or video.
  2. Tap options icon > save to SkyDrive.
  3. Write a caption for the photo, if you want, and tap send photo icon or upload icon .

    To set your phone to automatically upload photos or videos to SkyDrive, on the start screen, swipe left, and tap settings iconSettings. Swipe to applications , and tap photos+‎camera > SkyDrive.

Save an Office document to SkyDrive

  1. Tap Office iconOffice, swipe to places , and tap phone . Then tap and hold the file you want to save, and tap save to... > SkyDrive.

    You can also save a document to SkyDrive while working on it. Tap options icon > save as..., and switch Save to to SkyDrive . If you change the Save to location, it changes the default location for all files.