Nokia Lumia: Charge wirelessly

No need for hassle with cables, just pop your device on a wireless charger, and it immediately starts charging.

The charging areas on the phone and the charger need to touch, so make sure you align the phone and charger properly. Not all phone models fit in all chargers.

You need a Nokia wireless charging cover CC-3065, marked with the Qi logo inside the cover, for wireless charging to work. The cover may be included in the sales box, or it may be sold separately. Only use original Nokia wireless charging covers.

Nokia wireless chargers, such as the wireless charging plate DT-900, are sold separately.

Use only Qi compatible chargers for wireless charging.

  1. Make sure the wireless charger is switched on.
  2. With the wireless charging cover in place, place your phone on the wireless charger so that the charging areas touch.
  3. When the battery is full, remove your phone from the charger.

    The charging area is highlighted.

    With back of phone
facing you, charging area is in middle of phone.

Make sure there’s nothing between the charger and the device. Do not attach any objects, such as stickers, on the device surface near the charging area.

For more info on wireless charging, see the user guide of your charger and your wireless charging cover.