Our free apps let you seamlessly transition to your new phone. The pre-installed Transfer My Data app on our Lumia phones moves all your contacts over using Bluetooth. Welcome Home to Windows Phone lets you move all your media and contacts in one go.

Contacts from your old phone

  • If you only want to transfer your contacts over Bluetooth, use the Transfer my Data app on your new phone. If you do not have this app, you can download it from Store. Version 5.x of Transfer my Data also supports contacts transfer with an SD card if the contacts were saved on the card in a compatible format and your phone has an SD card slot.
  • If you have previously had a micro-SIM or micro-RUIM card, you can also copy your contacts from your card to your new phone. For more information on how to copy contacts to your SIM or RUIM card, see the user guide of your phone.

Contacts and calendar from an online service

  • If your contacts and calendar are stored online as part of an online service such as Google Account, Microsoft Exchange, or even Facebook or Twitter, set up that account on your phone, and your contacts and calendar entries are imported automatically. For more info on how to set up an account on your phone, see the user guide of your phone.

Contacts and calendar from a Nokia Symbian or series 40 phone

  1. Make sure you have Nokia Suite 3.6.11 or higher installed on your PC.
  2. Use a compatible USB data cable to connect your phone to your PC.
  3. Open Nokia Suite.
  4. Select Copy content to Nokia Lumia. Your contacts, calendar, and photos are copied to SkyDrive.
  5. To access your files, on your new phone, tap Office > SkyDrive, and follow the instructions shown on your phone.

Contacts and calendar from your computer

  • If you want to transfer your calendar entries and to-dos as well as your contacts, you need to have all these:
    • Microsoft (Windows Live) account
    • Microsoft Outlook on your computer
    • Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector downloaded and installed on your computer
  • If you do not already have a Microsoft (Windows Live) account, you can create one at www.live.com, or using your phone. For more information, see the user guide of your phone.
  • To download and install Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector, search for it at www.microsoft.com/download, and follow the instructions shown on your phone. You may need to restart your computer, and you may need to install additional software. Depending on what you need to install, and how much data you are syncing, this may take a while.

Android, iPhone, Blackberry

  1. Use a compatible USB data cable to connect your phone to your PC.
  2. On your PC, use the appropriate sync software, such as HTC Sync, Samsung Kies, or iTunes to sync your contacts, calendar entries, and to-dos from your old phone to your computer, and set the sync software to sync the items to Outlook.
  3. In Outlook, add the Microsoft (Hotmail) account to your Outlook using Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector. You may need to manually configure the settings.
  4. Sync the content you want from your Outlook to your Microsoft account. It may take a while before the content is available in your Microsoft account.
  5. If you have not already added your Microsoft (Windows Live) account to your new phone, to import the content to your new phone, on your phone, tap Settings > email+accounts > add an account > Microsoft account, and follow the instructions shown on your phone.
  • For more detailed info, go to the Windows Phone support site, and see the FAQs on how to sync your Outlook contacts and calendar to Windows Phone.

Windows Phone

  • Back up the contacts and calendar entries in your old phone to your Microsoft account, and import them to your new phone straight from the cloud service.

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