What can I do if my Lumia phone cannot read or write NFC tags?

  1. Switch Battery saver mode off, or connect a charger to your phone: On the Start screen, swipe left and tap Settings > battery saver > Off.
  2. Switch on NFC: Tap Settings > NFC (tap+send), and switch Tap to share to On.
  3. Switch on Bluetooth: Tap Settings > Bluetooth and switch Status to On.
  4. Find where the NFC antenna is located on your phone; refer to your phone user guide.
  5. Tap the tag with the NFC area of your phone, and then move the phone slowly over the tag. When you hear the connecting sound, the connection is established; you no longer need to hold them together. 

If you order NFC tags, check that they support the NDEF standard and the tags are already formatted. You will not be able to write to a tag that has not been formatted.