MixRadio gigs search uses your location information to find music events. The displayed content doesn't necessarily match with the current location if location information is missing or disabled. Please, make sure that use of the location data is enabled in both, the phone location settings and MixRadio settings.

To check the settings: Go to Settings > select location > switch on location services. Go to MixRadio > select settings > select location > switch on location services.

Please note. This service may not be available in all countries or regions.

This topic is valid for:

Nokia Lumia Icon,Nokia Lumia 1520,Nokia Lumia 1320,Nokia Lumia 1020,Nokia Lumia 928,Nokia Lumia 925,Nokia Lumia 920,Nokia Lumia 830,Nokia Lumia 822,Nokia Lumia 820,Nokia Lumia 810,Nokia Lumia 735,Nokia Lumia 635,Nokia Lumia 630,Nokia Lumia 620,Nokia Lumia 530,Nokia Lumia 521,Nokia Lumia 520