Make sure you are logged in with your Nokia account and that you are subscribed to MixRadio+. Check this by going in to Settings & help in the Mixradio application.

  1. If you are not signed in automatically, select Account > Sign in.
  2. If you need to log out to use a different account, go to your phone Settings > System > Nokia account and from here … > delete > delete. To sign in again, open the MixRadio application > select Settings & help > account > sign in.

Make sure that you are allowed High Quality streams and downloads. To check this:

  1. Open MixRadio application.
  2. Go to Settings > audio quality.
  3. Set Allow high quality audio streams and download toggle switch either over Wi-Fi or Mobile Network or both.

If you are downloading mixes to use Offline and wish to download High Quality, make sure you are logged in and are allowing High Quality streams and downloads for your current connection before you start to download.


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