How to remove the Mail for Exchange mailbox but keep the contacts on my Nokia Symbian^3 device?

Backup the contacts either using Nokia Suite or by copying them to the mass memory.

To copy them to mass memory do following:

  1. Open Contacts
  2. Select Options > Mark multiple items
  3. Select Options > Mark all
  4. Select Options > Copy business card > To other memory
  5. Select E: Mass memory
  6. In case there is already a set of contacts in the mass memory it’ll ask for a confirmation to replace the set with new one.
  7. Press Cancel (cancels the marking mode).

Now MfE account can be removed from the device. It will remove the contacts also from the device (if contacts have been synchronized with outlook) but it will leave them on server side as well as e-mails in Outlook. Then go to the empty Contacts and select Options > Copy business card > From other memory, and then you can restore the deleted contacts.