Interactive home screen elements

The home screen elements are interactive. For example, you can change the date and time, set alarms, write calendar entries, or edit the profiles directly on the home screen.

Set an alarm

Select the clock (1).

Activate or edit profiles

Select the profile (2).

View or edit your schedule

Select the date (3).

View missed calls or unread messages

Select the notification area (4).

View available Wi-Fi networks or manage Bluetooth connections

Select the notification area (4).

Edit the connectivity settings

Select the notification area (4) and .

In most other views, you can select the notification area (4), and do the following:

  • Edit the connectivity settings

  • Open the clock, and set an alarm

  • View the battery status, and activate power saving mode

  • View notifications of missed calls or unread messages

  • Open the Wi-Fi wizard, and connect to a Wi-Fi network

  • Manage Bluetooth connections

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