Save location information to your pictures and videos

If you sometimes struggle to remember exactly where you were when you took a particular picture or video, you can set your device to automatically record the location.

Location information can be attached to an image or a video if location coordinates can be determined via network and GPS. If you share an image or a video which has location information attached, the location information may be visible to others that view the image or the video. You can deactivate geotagging in the camera settings.

Press and hold the camera key.

Activate the location recording feature

Select Options > Settings > Save location info > Yes.

It may take several minutes to obtain the coordinates of your location. The availability and quality of GPS signals may be affected by your location, buildings, natural obstacles, and weather conditions. If you share a file that includes location information, also the location information is shared, and your location may be visible to third parties viewing the file. This feature requires network service.

Location information indicators:

- Location information is unavailable. Location information may not be saved to pictures or videos.

- Location information is available. Location information is saved to pictures or videos.

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