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About profiles

Select Menu > Settings and Tone profiles.

Waiting for a call but can't let your phone ring? Your device has various settings groups called profiles, which you can customize for different events and environments. You can also create your own profiles.

You can customize the profiles in the following ways:

  • Change the ringing and message alert tones.

  • Adjust the volume of ringing and key tones.

  • Mute key tones and warning tones.

  • Activate vibrating alerts.

  • Set the device to say the name of the contact who is calling.

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Customize your tones

You can customize your device tones for each profile.

Select Menu > Settings > Tone profiles.

  1. Select the desired profile.

  2. Select Customize and the desired option.

Tip: Download ringing tones from Ovi Store. To learn more about Ovi Store, go to www.ovi.com.

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Silence your device

When the silent profile is activated, all ringing and alert tones are muted. Activate this profile when you are at the theater or in a meeting.

In the home screen, select the profile and Silent.

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Change your profile for meetings or outdoor use

When the meeting profile is activated, your device discreetly beeps once instead of ringing. When the outdoor profile is activated, the ringing tone is louder, so you won't miss a call in a noisy environment.

In the home screen, select the profile and Meeting or Outdoor.

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Create a new profile

How can you make your device meet your needs at work or college or home? You can create new profiles for different situations, and give them appropriate names.

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Tone profiles and Options > Create new.

  2. Define your profile settings, and select Profile name.

  3. Enter a name for the profile.

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Set a timed profile

You can activate a profile until a set time, after which the previously used profile is activated.

Select Menu > Settings > Tone profiles.

  1. Select the desired profile and Timed.

  2. Set the time that you want the timed profile to expire at.

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