How do I setup a second email mailbox on my Nokia 5230 device?

To setup a first personal email mailbox after having installed Mail for Exchange, select Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > E-mail > Mailboxes > Yes to question, No mailbox defined, define now.

Following steps may vary:

  1. Select Start. Preparing the installation might be displayed.
  2. Select one of the e-mail provider (for example Gmail, Ovi mail, Yahoo! ...) from the list or select Other. In this example, Gmail has been selected.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and select OK.
  4. Getting Email settings is displayed.
  5. Enter your password and select OK.
  6. Select if you add mailbox to your Nokia Messaging account or create a separate account (a direct connection).
  7. Completing email setup is displayed.

Later you can open your email inbox either from the home screen or select Menu > ApplicationsEmail.

To define a second personal or future email accounts, select Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > E-mail > Mailboxes > Open > Options > New mailbox.

Note: The E-mail account configuration wizard can also be started by Menu > Applications > Sett. wizard > E-mail Setup (or continue until the E-mail setup appears) > Start.