With Mail for Exchange, you can receive your work e-mail to your device. You can read and reply to your e-mails, view and edit compatible attachments, view calendar information, receive and reply to meeting requests, schedule meetings, and view, add, and edit contact information.

Mail for Exchange can be set up only if your company has Microsoft Exchange Server. In addition, your company's IT administrator must have activated Mail for Exchange for your account.

Before starting to set up Mail for Exchange, ensure that you have the following:

  • A corporate e-mail ID

  • Your office network user name

  • Your office network password

  • Your network domain name (contact your company's IT department)

  • Your Mail for Exchange server name (contact your company's IT department)

Depending on your company's Mail for Exchange server configuration, you may need to enter other information in addition to those listed. If you do not know the correct information, contact your company's IT department.

With Mail for Exchange, the use of the lock code may be mandatory. The default lock code of your device is 12345, but your company's IT administrator may have set a different one for you to use.

You can access and modify the Mail for Exchange profile and settings in the Messaging settings.