The home screen is your starting point where you can collect all your important contacts or application shortcuts.

Interactive display elements

To open the clock application, select the clock (1).

To open the calendar, or to change the profile, select the date or the profile name (2).

To view or change connectivity settings (), or to view missed events, select the top right corner (3).

To make a phone call, select Telephone or (4).

To open the contacts list, select Contacts or (5).

To open the main menu, press the menu key (6).

Start using the contacts bar

To start using the contacts bar, and to add your contacts to the home screen, select > Options > New contact, and follow the instructions.

Change the home screen theme

To change the home screen theme or the shortcuts, select Menu > Settings and Personal > Home screen.

Music keys

When music or the radio is playing in the background, music keys (play/pause, skip backward, and skip forward) are displayed in the home screen.