How many different ways can I use to write on my Nokia 5800 ExpresMusic?

There are several different ways which you can use to enter letters, numbers, and special characters in your device. You can either tap the characters with stylus or your fingers with the virtual keyboards, or you can use handwriting to write characters directly onto the screen using the stylus as a pen.

To start writing, just tap any text input field.Change the Input mode by tapping the keyboard-icon. The different input methods are:Handwriting – Use the stylus as a pen to write text. To write common characters and numbers, write the words as you normally write them.Mini QWERTY keyboard and Full screen QWERTY – Tap on the keys of the keyboard with the stylus or with your fingers in full-screen mode.Alphanumeric keypad – Enter characters like you would with a traditional phone keypad.

When you tap an item, the current input method view closes and the selected one opens.When you have written the text, select the green V icon to close the keyboard.Note, that in on-screen keyboard arrow pointing to left [<--] represents the backspace, which is usually marked in mobile phones as C. In handwriting the backspace gesture is a short horizontal line – drawn from right to left.