Select Menu > Messaging (network service).

To create a new message, select New message.

Tip: To avoid rewriting messages that you send often, use texts in the Templates folder in My folders. You can also create and save your own templates.

Messaging contains the following folders:

Inbox - Received messages, except e-mail and cell broadcast messages, are stored here.

My folders - Organize your messages into folders.

Mailbox - Connect to your remote mailbox to retrieve your new e-mail messages, or view your previously retrieved e-mail messages offline.

Drafts - Draft messages that have not been sent are stored here.

Sent - The last messages that have been sent, excluding messages sent using Bluetooth connectivity, are stored here. You can change the number of messages to save in this folder. sent messages folder

Outbox - Messages waiting to be sent are temporarily stored in the outbox, for example, when your device is outside network coverage. outbox, message

Delivery reports - You can request the network to send you a delivery report of the text messages and multimedia messages you have sent (network service).