Select Menu > Internet > Web.

Select Options > Go to > Bookmarks. You can select web addresses from a list or from a collection of bookmarks in the Recently visited pages folder.

The toolbar helps you select frequently used functions of the browser.

From the toolbar, select from the following:

qgn-indi-browser-bm-tb-new.jpgAdd bookmark - Add a new bookmark.

qgn-indi-browser-tb-goto.jpgGo to web address - Enter a new web address.

qgn-indi-browser-tb-delete.jpgDelete - Delete a bookmark.

To go to a new web page, select Options > Go to > New web page.

To send and add bookmarks, or to set a bookmark as the homepage, select Options > Bookmark options.

To edit, move, or delete bookmarks, select Options > Bookmark manager.