Select Menu > Settings.

To view the captured images and video clips on a compatible TV, use a Nokia Video-Out Cable.

Before viewing the images and video clips on TV, you may need to configure the TV-out settings for the applicable TV system and TV aspect ratio. Select Phone > Accessories > TV-Out.

In TV-out mode, you cannot use the TV as the camera viewfinder.

To watch images and video clips on TV, do the following:

  1. Connect a Nokia Video-Out Cable to the video input of a compatible TV.

  2. Connect the other end of the Nokia Video-Out Cable to the Nokia AV Connector of your device.

  3. You may need to select the cable mode.

  4. Select Menu > Gallery, and browse for the file you want to view.


The images are shown in the image viewer, and the video clips are played in RealPlayer.

All audio, including the active calls, stereo video clip sound, key tone, and ringing tone, is routed to the TV when the Nokia Video-Out Cable is connected to the device. You can use the device microphone normally.

The opened image is displayed in full-screen on the TV. When you open an image in the thumbnail view while it is viewed on the TV, zooming in is not available.

When you open a highlighted video clip, RealPlayer starts playing the video clip on the device display and the TV screen.

You can view images as a slide show on TV. All items in an album or marked images are displayed on the TV in full-screen.

The quality of the TV image may vary due to different resolution of the devices.

Wireless radio signals, such as incoming calls, may cause interference in the TV image.