To activate handwriting mode, tap qgn-indi-input-switcher.jpg and Handwriting.

Write legible, upright characters on the text input area, and leave a space between each character.

To teach the device your handwriting style, tap qgn-indi-fep-button-options.jpg and Handwriting training.

To enter letters and numbers (default mode), write words as you would normally. To select number mode, tap hwr-numbers.jpg in the right pane of the input area. To enter non-Latin characters, tap the corresponding icon, if available.


To write special characters, write them as you would normally. You can also tap hwr-special-char.jpg in the right pane of the input area, and select a desired character from the pop-up table.

To delete characters or move the cursor back, swipe backwards (see Figure 1).

To insert a space, swipe forwards (see Figure 2).