Select Menu > Internet > Web.

To browse the web, select Go to web address from the toolbar, and enter a web address.

By default, the browser is in full screen mode. To exit full screen mode, select the arrow icon in the bottom right corner.

Some web pages may contain material, such as graphics or videos, that requires a large amount of memory to view. If your device runs out of memory while loading such a web page, insert a memory card. Otherwise, the videos are not displayed.

To browse web pages with graphics disabled, to save memory and increase the page loading speed, select Options > Settings > Page > Load content > Text only.

To refresh the content of the web page, select Options > Web page options > Reload.

To save the current web page as a bookmark, select Options > Web page options > Save as bookmark.

To view snapshots of the web pages you have visited during the current browsing session, select Back (available if History list is turned on in the browser settings and the current web page is not the first web page you visit).

To prevent or allow the automatic opening of multiple windows, select Options > Web page options > Block pop-ups or Allow pop-ups.

To zoom in on a web page, double-tap the display.

Tip: To minimize the browser without exiting the application or connection, press the end key once.