How do I get the best performance from GPS?

When using the GPS receiver, check that you have a clear view of the sky. Make sure that your hand does not cover the GPS receiver. Please have a look into the manual of your device on the location of the GPS receiver. The time it takes to establish a GPS connection may vary between a few seconds and several minutes. Establishing a GPS connection in the car may take longer.

We recommend that you make use of Assisted GPS (A-GPS) to speed up the connection time for your GPS. A-GPS uses your mobile internet connection to connect to a Nokia server that tells your device which GPS satellites it will be able to connect to, substantially reducing the time taken to get a GPS fix. In Lumia phones Assisted GPS is automatically used when the location services are enabled and you have an internet connection available. In Symbian phones Assisted GPS can be enabled in the Positioning settings.

If no satellite signal is found, consider the following:

  • Check that your hand does not cover the GPS receiver.
  • If you are indoors, go outdoors to receive a better signal.
  • If you are outdoors, move to a more open space.
  • If the weather conditions are bad or you are behind UV protected or heated windscreen, the signal strength may also be affected.

Note: The GPS operations take their power from the battery. Using the GPS receiver may drain the battery faster in your phone.