How can I transfer my phone numbers from my old phone to my Nokia Symbian Anna/Belle phone?

There are a number of different ways that you can transfer contacts between your old and your new phone, including:

1. SIM CARD The simplest and most compatible way is to copy contacts to your SIM card. Disadvantage of this method is that SIM card can typically hold just one name and one number per contact, and the number of contacts is limited.

2. BUSINESS CARDS VIA BLUETOOTH Bluetooth connectivity allows data to be relayed between two phones within a range of about ten meters. Most Bluetooth-enabled phones can send and receive contacts as vCard files, which allow you to transfer a complete contact to another phone with ease. With most devices you can also send a batch of contacts at once - the phone still makes a separate transfer per contact, but the process is automatic once the two devices are paired and set to accept transmissions from each other. vCards are first stored into the Received Files folder of your Nokia device and once all contacts have been received, you can import them to your new Nokia device address book by selecting Import all. Manage your Nokia device Bluetooth settings either from Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth or directly from the notification area of your device.

3. DEVICE-TO-DEVICE SYNC (between Nokia devices) Your new Nokia device has Data transfer feature which allows you to transfer personal data including contacts between compatible Nokia devices. This is an effective method to transfer data but requires support from both Nokia devices. Data transfer can normally be found from Menu > Applications > Tools > Phone setup > Data transfer (Symbian Anna) or Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Data transfer > Phone switch (Nokia Belle). Initiating Data transfer from your device automatically connects to compatible Nokia device, just follow the instructions on the screen.

4. PC SYNCHRONISATION If you have your contacts saved on your PC, with Nokia Suite you can synchronise your PIM (Personal Information Management) data to your Nokia device. For Mac users there is Apple's iSync software which does the same thing. Please check Nokia Suite support pages for detailed compatibility and How to information.

5. BACKUP (between Nokia devices) With Nokia Suite backup, you can copy all or a selection of personal data from compatible Nokia phone into a backup file that can be restored to your new Nokia phone. More information can be found from Nokia Suite help. In general it is recommend to backup your phone with Nokia Suite regularly to ensure that nothing is lost if the phone is lost, stolen or broken. Please check Nokia Suite support pages for detailed compatibility and How to information.