On the device, you can login to your YouTube account and upload pictures from the YouTube web application.Menu > Videos & TV > YouTube > scroll down on the page and select "Upload" - you need to login to your YouTube account to continue with the upload options

Alternative option:If your device has multimedia messaging (MMS) capabilities, you can probably upload videos from your device via MMS or Email.

Please note: This information is dependent on your YouTube account settings.

Here's how to set it up:1. Log in to YouTube from your PC and go to the "My Account" page.2. Under "Account Settings," click the "Mobile Profile" or "Mobile Upload Profiles" link.3. Click the "Create Mobile Profile" button and enter the information required.4. Click the "Create Profile" button.

When your profile is set up, you will be given an email address similar to this: 1111111111@mms.youtube.com. When you want to upload a video taken with your phone, email it to that address. After it's uploaded, you can go to YouTube and edit the information about the video if you want.