How do I set up email on my Nokia Symbian ^3 device?

You can set up email either using the New mailbox wizard on the home screen or by selecting MenuMail > New mailbox.

  1. Select Email provider from the list (for example Gmail).
  2. Enter your email address and password, select OK.
  3. The mailbox is created.

The following email service types can be set up:

  • Exchange ActiveSync (for corporate email)
  • Direct POP/IMAP connection to email server 

All the mailboxes can be accessed in a single location in Menu > Mail or via Inbox on the home screen widgets.

If your email service is not found in the list, select Other and enter you email address and additional info if requested. You can change settings later by by selecting MenuMail > Settings > (mailbox name). The incoming and outgoing mail server settings can in this case be found in Mailbox settings > Advanced mailbox settings.

Note: You can set up an email mailbox also by using a Wireless connection. If you are setting up yours first mailbox (other than Exchange ActiveSync), you need to have the SIM card inserted into the device. Otherwise the Exchange ActiveSync is the only available selection.