How do I manage the settings for the One-touch keys on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel (or Tools) > Settings > General > Personalisation > One-touch keys.

With the one-touch keys, you can access applications and tasks quickly. You can customize the One-touch keys by selecting the applications on the One-touch key settings. Your service provider may have assigned applications to the keys, in which case you cannot change them.

Perform the following steps to set the Email key (Letter) to open New SMS Messages (for example on Nokia E72):

  1. Select PersonalizationOne-touch keys.
  2. Select Messaging key.
  3. Open Short press.
  4. Select MessagingOK.
  5. Select New SMS > OK .
  6. Select Back a few times.

To restore the preset applications and tasks for the keys, select Restore defaults from the One-touch keys list.