How do I use speed dialing on my Nokia E71x (AT&T) device?

Speed dialing is a quick way to call frequently used numbers in the standby mode. You need to assign a phone number to the speed dialing keys 2 to 9 (the 1 key is reserved for the voice mailbox), and turn on speed dialing.

To assign a phone number to a speed dialing key, select Menu > Settings > Speed dial.

  1. Scroll to a key icon (one which is free).
  2. Select Options > Assign.
  3. If Speed Dial is not turned, the phone prompt Speed dialing off. Activate now? Select Yes.
  4. Select the contact from the list.

To change the contact, select Options > Change.

To manage speed dial options, select Menu > Settings > Config.> Phone > Call > Speed dialing > On or Off

 To call a speed dialing number, press and hold the selected number key until the call connects.