How do I use infrared (IR) on my Nokia E71x (AT&T) device?

Do not point the infrared (IR) beam at anyone's eye or allow it to interfere with other IR devices. This device is a Class 1 laser product.

Use infrared to connect two devices and transfer data between them. With infrared, you can transfer data such as business cards, calendar notes, and media files with a compatible device.

  1. Ensure that the infrared ports of the devices face each other. The positioning of the devices is more important than the angle or distance.
  2. Select Menu > Settings > Infrared to switch on infrared on your device.
  3. Switch on infrared on the other device and wait a few seconds until the infrared connection is established.
  4. Locate the desired file in an application or File manager, and select Options > Send > Via infrared.

If the data transfer is not started within 1 minute after the activation of the infrared port, the connection is cancelled and must be started again.

Positioning the devices away from each other breaks the connection, but the infrared light beam remains active on your device until it deactivates.