How do I use the talking themes on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Themes > Home screen (or Standby) > Talking theme

When the talking theme is activated, a list of functions supported by talking theme is displayed in the home screen. Scroll through the functions, and at the same time, the device reads the displayed functions aloud. Select the desired function.

  • To hear the entries in your contacts list, select Call features > Contacts.
  • To hear information on your missed and received calls, dialed numbers and frequent calls, select Call features > Recent calls.
  • To make a call by entering the phone number, select Call features > Dialer and the desired numbers.
  • To call your voice mailbox, select Call features > Voice mailbox.
  • To use voice commands to make a call, select Voice commands.
  • To have your received messages read aloud, select Message reader.
  • To hear the current time, select Clock. To hear the current date, scroll down.

If the calendar alarm expires when you are using voice aid, the application reads the calendar alarm content aloud.