Why can't I view any flash videos using the web browser of my Nokia Symbian (S60) phone?

Check that the loading of the flash content is allowed in the web browser settings in Options > Settings > Page > Load content. The following options are available in this setting:

  • All
  • Images (no Flash)
  • Text only

Check that "All" is selected to allow loading of the flash video objects.

If the problem persists, check if the loading of the flash content succeeds when using WiFi (WLAN) access point or another cellular access point. When using a cellular access point, the operator may block the video streaming through the access point.

Note that the flash content may not be properly played if the content version is newer than what the flash player in your device can support. Check that you have the latest phone software installed in your device. Check also if there is an alternative website available which is optimized for mobile devices (e.g. in case of YouTube, you can use the mobile site http://m.youtube.com instead of the desktop optimized site).