The e-mail service automatically pushes e-mail from your existing e-mail address to your Nokia E72 .

You can read, respond to, and organize your e-mail on the go. The e-mail service works with a number of internet e-mail providers that are often used for personal e-mail.

This service must be supported by your network and may not be available in all countries or regions. For availability, contact your service provider.

Set up e-mail on your device

  1. Select Menu > Email > New mailb..

  2. Read the information on the display, and select Start.

  3. If requested, allow your device to connect to the internet.

  4. Select your e-mail service provider or account type.

  5. Enter the required account details, such as e-mail address and password.

The e-mail service can run on your device even if you have installed other e-mail applications, such as Mail for Exchange.