Options during a video call

To change between showing video or hearing only sound, select Options > Enable, or Disable and the desired option.

To use the main camera to send video, select Options > Use main camera.

To switch back to the secondary camera, select Options > Use secondary camera.

To take a snapshot of the video you are sending, select Options > Send snapshot. Video sending is paused and the snapshot is shown to the recipient. The snapshot is not saved. Press Cancel to resume sending video.

To zoom your image in or out, select Options > Zoom.

To route the audio to a compatible headset with Bluetooth connectivity attached to your device, select Options > Activate handsfree.

To route the audio back to the loudspeaker of your device, select Options > Activate handset.

To change the video quality, select Options > Video preference. Normal quality is framerate 10 fps. Use Clearer detailfor small, static details. Use Smoother motion for moving images.

To adjust the volume during a video call, use the volume key on the side of the device.