Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Themes and Audio themes.

You can set sounds for various device events. The sounds can be tones, speech, or a combination of both.

To change the current audio theme, select Active audio theme.

To set a sound for an event, select an event group, such as ringing tones, and the desired event.

To use all the preset sounds in an event group, select the group and Options > Activate sounds.

Select Options and from the following:

Play voice - Play the sound before activating it.

Save theme - Create a new audio theme.

3-D ringing tones - Add 3-D effects to the audio theme.

Speech - Select Speech to set speech as the sound for an event. Enter the desired text to the text field. The Speech option is not available if you have activated the Say caller's name option in the current profile.

Deactivate sounds - Silence all the sounds in an event group.