The lock code protects your device against unauthorized use. The preset code is 12345.

To lock the device, in the home screen, press the power key, and select Lock phone.

To unlock your device, select Unlock > OK, enter the lock code, and select OK.

To change the lock code, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > SettingsGeneral > Security > Phone and SIM card . Enter the old code and then the new code twice. A minimum of 4 characters is required, and numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters can be used.

Keep the new code secret and in a safe place separate from your device. If you forget the lock code and your device is locked, your device will require service. Additional charges may apply, and all the personal data in your device may be deleted. For more information, contact a Nokia Care point or your device dealer.

You can also lock the device remotely by sending a text message to the device.

Lock your device remotely

  1. To enable remote locking, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Security > Phone and SIM card > Remote phone locking > Enabled.

  2. Enter the text message content. It can be 5-20 characters, and both upper and lower case letters can be used.

  3. Enter the same text again to verify it.

  4. Enter the lock code.

  5. To lock the device remotely, write the predefined text, and send it to your device as a text message. To unlock your device, you need the lock code.