About Contacts

Select Menu > Contacts.

With Contacts, you can save and update contact information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, and e-mail addresses of your contacts. You can add a personal ringing tone or a thumbnail image to a contact. You can also create contact groups, which allow you to communicate with several contacts at the same time, and send contact information to compatible devices.

Whenever you see the icon, scroll right to access a list of available actions. To close the list, scroll left.

Work with contacts

Select Menu > Contacts.

To create a contact, select Options > New contact, and enter the details of the contact.

To copy contacts from the memory card, if available, select Options > Create backup > Memory card to phone .

To search for contacts, start entering the contact's name in the search field.

Create contact groups

Select Menu > Contacts.

  1. To create a contact group, scroll to each contact you want to add to the group, and select Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark.

  2. Select Options > Group > Add to group > Create new group, and enter a name for the group.

If you want to make conference calls to the group using a conference service, define the following:

Conf. service number - Enter the conference call service number.

Conf. service ID - Enter the conference call ID.

Conf. service PIN - Enter the conference call PIN code.

To make a conference call to the group using the conference service, select the group, scroll right, and select Call conf. service.

Search for contacts in a remote database

To activate remote contact search, select Options > Settings > Contacts > Remote search server. You must define a remote server before you can do remote contact searches.

To search for contacts in a remote database, select Contacts > Options > Search from remote. Enter the name of the contact you want to search for, and select Search. The device establishes a data connection to the remote database.

To search for contacts in the home screen, start entering characters in the home screen, and select the database from the proposed matches.

To change the remote contacts database, select Options > Settings > Contacts > Remote search server. This setting affects the database used in the Contacts and Calendar applications and the home screen, but not the database that is used for e-mail.

Add ringing tones for contacts

Select Menu > Contacts.

To add a ringing tone for a contact, select the contact, Options > Ringing tone, and a ringing tone. The ringing tone sounds when the contact calls you.

To add a ringing tone for a contact group, select the contact group, Options > Group > Ringing tone, and a ringing tone.

To remove the ringing tone, select Default tone from the list of ringing tones.

Contacts settings

Select Menu > Contacts.

To edit the settings of the Contacts application, select Options > Settings > Contacts and from the following:

Contacts to display - Show contacts that are stored in the device memory, on the SIM card, or both.

Default saving memory - Select where to save contacts.

Name display - Change the way contacts' names are displayed. This setting is not available for all languages.

Default contact list - Select which contacts list opens when you open the Contacts application. This setting is only available when there is more than one contacts list.

Remote search server - Change the remote contacts database. This option is available only if remote contacts databases are supported by your service provider.