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File managerqgn-menu-fmgr.jpg

About File manager

Select Menu > Office > File mgr..

With File manager, you can browse, manage, and open files.

The available options may vary.

To map or delete drives, or to define settings for a compatible remote drive connected to your device, select Options > Remote drives.

Find and organize files

Select Menu > Office > File mgr..

To find a file, select Options > Find. Select where to search, and enter a search term that matches the file name.

To move or copy files and folders, or to create new folders, select Options > Organise.

Manage a memory card

Select Menu > Office > File mgr..

These options are available only if a compatible memory card is inserted in the device.

Select Options and from the following:

Memory card options - Rename or format a memory card.

Memory card password - Password protect a memory card.

Unlock memory card - Unlock a memory card.