Your device is compatible with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and certified by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) DLNA . You can use a wireless LAN (WLAN) access point device or router to create a home network. Then you can connect compatible WLAN-enabled UPnP devices to the network. Compatible devices may be your mobile device, a compatible PC, a sound system, a television, or a compatible wireless multimedia receiver connected to a sound system or television.

You can share and synchronize media files in your mobile device with other compatible UPnP and DLNA certified devices using the home network. To activate the home network functionality and manage the settings, select Menu > Applications > Home media. You can also use the Home media application to view and play media files from home network devices on your device or on other compatible devices such as a PC, sound system, or television.

To view your media files on another home network device, in Photos, for example, select a file, Options > Show via home network, and the device.

To use the WLAN function of your device in a home network, you must have a working WLAN home connection and have other UPnP enabled home devices connected to the same home network.

After setting up your home network, you can share your photos and video clips with your friends and family at home. You are also able to store your media to a media server or retrieve media files from a compatible home server. You can play music stored in your device using a DLNA certified home stereo system, controlling the playlists and volume levels directly from your device. You can also view images captured with the camera of your device on a compatible TV screen, all controlled with your device over WLAN.

The home network uses the security settings of the WLAN connection. Use the home network feature in a WLAN infrastructure network with a WLAN access point device and encryption enabled.

Your device is connected to the home network only if you accept a connection request from another compatible device, or select the option to view or play, or copy media files on your device, or search for other devices.