Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and Phone > Call barring. If you have defined internet call settings, select Internet call barring.

You can restrict the calls that can be made or received with the device (network service). To modify the settings, you need the restriction password from your service provider. Call restriction affects all call types.

Select from the following voice call restriction settings:

Outgoing calls - Prevent making voice calls with your device.

Incoming calls - Prevent incoming calls.

International calls - Prevent calling to foreign countries or regions.

Incoming calls when roaming - Prevent incoming calls when outside your home country.

International calls except to home country - Prevent calls to foreign countries or regions, but allow calls to your home country.

To check the status of voice call restrictions, select the restriction option and Options > Check status.

To deactivate all voice call restrictions, select a restriction option and Options > Deactivate all barrings.

To change the password used for restricting voice and fax calls, select Options > Edit barring password. Enter the current code, then the new code twice. The restriction password must be four digits long. For details, contact your service provider.