How can I manage my personal information on Nokia Account web pages?

On Nokia Account Management web site , after signing in you can do the following:

  • View and edit your basic information: On "About me", please click edit . You can edit your first name, last name, gender, your language, country and your date of birth.
  • Change your password and security question
  • Add credit cards: Please, go to Payment settings ->My payment methods -> Add new payment card
  • Set a credit card or operator billing as the preferred payment method: Please, go to Payment settings ->My payment methods -> tick preferred
  • Delete stored credit card:  Please, go to Payment settings -> My payment methods -> choose the credit card and click on Delete
  • Manage your email notification address and SMS sending preference:  On the personal information page you can add and edit your Email addresses and Cell (mobile) phone numbers by clicking Edit
  • View your purchase history of Nokia Store and Nokia Music:  Please, go to Purchase history