Nokia Music for Windows Phone - Can I purchase and download music to my US Nokia Lumia phone over the air?

Yes, you can download single tracks or albums over the air from Nokia Music (mp3 store) and pay them by using a credit or debit card.

Purchasing music with a credit card:1. Select a track or album and tap the item price to proceed to purchase.2. Sign in to your Nokia account if not yet signed in.3. Select a credit card to use for paying (or add a new one).4. Wait for the purchase to be confirmed.5. After confirmed, the item download progress is shown in the downloads queue and in the item details.6. Once the download is finished, the track / album is saved to My music on your phone.

How to add a new credit card by using the phone:1. Select the track or album and tap the item price to proceed to purchase.2. Tap the Add icon > sign in to Nokia account if requested > fill in your credit card details and save the form to proceed to pay.

This topic is valid for:

Nokia Lumia 900,Nokia Lumia 800,Nokia Lumia 710