How do I define E-mail settings on my Nokia internet tablet (N800/N810)?

To send and receive e-mail messages, you must have an active internet connection and a registered e-mail account with a service provider. For the appropriate settings, contact the e-mail service provider. To create an e-mail account, do the following: 1. Tap the Contacts icon, and select View e-mail inbox. The e-mail account setup wizard opens. If you already saved settings for a remote e-mail account, select E-mail > Accounts > New account... to create a new e-mail account. 2. In E-mail account setup 1/4, define the following settings:Account name - Enter a descriptive name for your account.Account type - Select the e-mail protocol that your e-mail service provider recommends. You can only select this setting once, and you cannot change it after you save the account settings or exit the wizard. Tap Next. 3. In E-mail account setup 2/4, define the following settings:Name - Enter your name. The name is shown in the sender field of the messages that you send.User name - Enter your user name given to you by your e-mail service provider. You need the user name when you log in to your mailbox.Password - Enter your password. The password is needed when you log in to your mailbox. If you leave this field empty, you are prompted for a password when you try to connect to your mailbox on the e-mail server.E-mail address - Enter the e-mail address given to you by your e-mail service provider. The address must contain the @ character. Replies to your messages are sent to this address. Tap Next. 4. In E-mail account setup 3/4, define the following settings:Incoming server - Enter the host name or IP address of the POP3 or IMAP4 server that receives your e-mail.Outgoing server (SMTP) - Enter the host name or IP address of the server through which your e-mail is sent. Tap Next.

Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) servers are used when sending e-mail. To send e-mail, define the SMTP host name or IP address, which you obtain from the service provider of the connection you use.Use connection-specific SMTP servers: - Select this option if you want to use connection specific SMTP servers for sending e-mail messages.Tip! The SMTP host name or IP address may be different from the host name or IP address of the incoming server (POP3 or IMAP4). For example, when you access your internet service provider e-mail over a cellular network, you may need to use the SMTP server of the cellular network. Thus, you may need to configure as many mailboxes as you have internet access networks, each mailbox having a different SMTP host name or IP address.SMTP servers: - Select this option, and Configure if you want to configure connection specific servers. Tap Next.

5. In E-mail account setup 4/4, tap Advanced to define optional e-mail settings, or tap Finish to complete the mailbox setup. It is very common that you need to modify the advanced settings. For more information, see the device help.