How can I transfer files from my Nokia internet tablet to a compatible mobile phone?

You can transfer files from your device to your mobile phone with either a compatible memory card or a wireless Bluetooth connection.To transfer files using a memory card, do the following:

1. Insert the memory card in your device properly. To move or copy files from your device to the memory card, use the File manager application.2. Open File manager, and select the files you want to copy.    - To select a single file, tap it once with the stylus.    - To select all files from the same directory, select File manager > Edit > Select > Select all.3. When you have selected the file(s), select File manager > Edit > Copy.4. Select your memory card from the File manager, and browse to the directory where you want to place the file(s).5. To paste the files, select File manager > Edit > Paste.6. After the files have been copied to the memory card, close the File manager application, and remove the memory card from your device.7. Insert the card into your mobile phone. For more information on how to open the files using your phone, see the user guide of your phone.To transfer files using a Bluetooth connection, do the following:Before you can open a wireless Bluetooth connection, you must pair your compatible mobile phone with your Nokia internet tablet. To move or copy files from your device to your mobile phone, use the File manager application.1. Select the files to be copied as instructed above.2. Select the paired mobile phone from the list in the File manager.3. Paste the files to the desired directory in the mobile phone.Note! Your mobile phone must support Bluetooth File Transfer Profile (FTP) and the simultaneous use of multiple Bluetooth profiles. Otherwise you cannot transfer files between your Nokia internet tablet and your phone.