Try easy fixes first

If you are thinking of sending your phone for repair, check these easy steps first. They may fix the issue and save your time and effort.

1. Restart your phone

Switch your phone off, and take the battery out. After a few minutes, put the battery back in, and switch the phone on.

2. Charge your phone

Make sure you use a compatible USB charger to charge your phone.

First connect the USB cable to the charger, plug the charger into a wall outlet, then connect the micro-USB end of the USB cable to your phone.

When the battery is full, unplug the charger from the phone, then from the wall outlet.

3. Restore to factory settings

Before you restore your phone to factory settings, we recommend you to back up your contacts and other personal content.

Select: Menu > Settings > Restore original settings.

If prompted, enter the security code.

Software update

In many cases software update is just what is needed to get your phone working smoothly again.

See how to update the software

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