What is the Barcode reader on my Nokia Symbian device? How do I use it?

You can use the Barcode reader application to decode different types of codes (such as codes in magazines). The codes may contain information such as URL links, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. You can find Barcode reader application usually either under Applications, Office or Tools menu. There select Barcode. The Barcode application uses the camera in your device to scan codes.

  • To scan a code, activate the main camera and Scan code. Set the code between the red lines on the display. The application attempts to scan and decode the code, and the decoded information appears on the display.
  • To save the scanned data, select Options > Save. The data is saved in .bcr format.
  • To view previously saved, decoded information in the main view, select Saved data. To open a code, press the scroll key.
  • In the Saved data view, select Options to scan new codes or use the decoded information.

When viewing the decoded information, the different links, URL links, phone numbers, and email addresses are indicated by icons on the top of the display in the direction they appear in the decoded information. The device reverts to the standby mode to save battery power if the barcode reader cannot be activated or if no keys are pressed for 1 minute. To continue scanning or viewing saved information, press the scroll key.

Note: You can download barcode reader application from Nokia Store directly using your compatible Nokia phone.